It’s the 100th Day of School in 2020

This year, Colorado Academy had a new plan for the 100th Day of School.

But the weather had a different plan. Still, no one complained that the 100th Day of School was postponed by a snow day and finally celebrated on Monday, February 10.

In contrast to previous years, when the day was marked only by Kindergartners, this year’s 100th Day of School celebration extended throughout the Lower School and began on the 100th minute of the school day.

Students could wear 100 objects, dress like 100 years ago, dress like 100 years into the future, dress like they were 100 years old, and wear the number 100.

In class, they created 100th Day of School hats, made lists of their 100 favorite words, and ate at least 100 snacks.

The always popular Zero the Hero made an appearance to mark the milestone, and Seniors and their Kindergarten Buddies decorated T-shirts with 100 hashmarks.

February has come and gone…100 days have passed…and not nearly that many are left in the school year!

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