In my REDI Lab project, I am working to write a book about my vision of a new economic system that will eventually end both resource scarcity and economic inequality. I hope to collaborate with the many individuals and organizations that are already working on real technical applications shift the political economy of the 21st century toward equity. My interest in wanting to change the world for the better, began as child who was intrigued by the economics of the feudal system. I was, and have been ever since, intrigued by the bond between politics and economics and its influence in our society. This has inspired me to imagine a world that is more equitable, fair, and just.

Many economists like Jeffrey Sachs offer policy solutions for a global initiative towards sustainable development. Although such solutions are sound, practical, and provide the foundation for a revolutionary economic system to emerge, I believe that the rate of change of these solutions will be very slow. I believe that policy solutions need to include technological innovation to more quickly transform and improve the lives of the most vulnerable people in the world today.