Horizons Summer 2019 take-aways

As I get ready for our upcoming Horizons Wine & Dine fundraiser on November 14, 2019, it is important for me to relay just how vital Horizons at CA is for our students and our families. One of the tasks that Horizons National asked of all of the affiliates this summer was to have our students and families fill out surveys. As with any survey, there are parts that are left open for self-reflection and reporting. These are some of the responses that really stood out for me:

What is the most important thing you learned at Horizons?

“What I have learned here at Colorado Academy is that you can have a person to care for you and to not let you down.”

“You need to push yourself to do something even though you don’t feel like it.”

“I learned a lot more math and have really advanced in that subject.”

“I learned how to swim, so that I won’t drown.”

“I have learned that I have this opportunity and chance to do a lot of fun things during the summer that some people can’t have and to be very thankful I have it.”

What is your favorite thing about Horizons?

“Being able to do something during the summer instead of doing nothing and being able to do it with my friends.”

“My favorite thing was definitely all of the trips we went on off campus, because there were some places I had never been, and I thought that was really cool.”

“I like the campus, outside program activities, and the food.”

“What I like most is everything, because it is perfect.”

“We get to go swimming every day, and when we learn, the teachers make it fun.”

These responses perfectly illustrate the impact that this program has on our students and why we, as a community, need to continue to support the work. It really makes me proud to be part of this organization and know that we are making a significant difference in our students’ lives.

Knowing all of this, please join us in any way that you can to help us strengthen and grow this successful program. Our collective future depends on it.