Honoring Seniors Who Want to Serve

We are all so proud of our Seniors for their tremendous work this year. By now, all have their college acceptances in hand, and by May 1, all will have made their choice of where they will attend. We hope that these students will make the most of their next four years. Every Senior deserves commendation for their perseverance through this important process. 

While not all know what they want to do in terms of their careers, I do want to point out five Seniors who have made the decision that, after college, they want to serve our nation in the United States Armed Forces. These Mustangs are going into the ROTC or attending a service academy. It is important to me to acknowledge their decision and motivation.

Piper Adams will attend the highly regarded military college Norwich University; Ari Foreman has an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy; Olivia Harris will attend Virginia Tech on an NROTC scholarship; Anna Jordaan also has an appointment to the Naval Academy; and Bradley Troyer will attend the University of Illinois on an ROTC scholarship.

All five of these students have made positive contributions to the CA community. They have competed in sports at high levels, been involved in the arts, and are thoughtful thinkers and learners. And, all want to serve their country. It is important to pause for a moment and understand what this means. They will be making sacrifices that civilians do not have to make. 

Colorado Academy has had a number of graduates who have gone on to military service and honorably served our nation. I am so proud of these five students, and it is noteworthy to have this many in a single class make this decision. While we will honor all of our Seniors in just a few weeks, I wanted to give a special shout-out to these exceptional graduates.