History of the Huron People, Maple Butter and Waterfalls

Colorado Academy-Quebec-Huron HIstoryWe had a great day of exploration yesterday! We began the day with a group breakfast and, after we were fortified with crepes, eggs and waffles, ventured out to the Huron Village.

Here in Quebec, the Huron people are granted tax exemption and national support while living in a nice section of the city. In the heart of this community there’s a Huron Heritage Center where we learned about the past and present of the Huron people, as well as other indigenous people of Canada.
We began with a traditional Huron game, intended to sharpen survival skills. One student would sit blindfolded in front of three pegs that represent squash, beans and corn, while other students use wit and stealth to steal one of the pegs before being tagged.
Once everyone was focused, we began the tour. We learned about the Huron’s migration from the Great Lakes region to modern day Quebec, their matriarchal society, long houses and social order. We learned how they endured the harsh winters by curing fish and making fish and game paste for when rations were low. We saw the steam huts and were told about medicine men and sat in carefully crafted canoes waterproofed with bear fat and sap. We enjoyed a traditional lunch of sunflower seed soup and bison burgers! Oh, if we ever get lost in great north we now know to look for Inukshuk, the Inuit’s hunting statues where extra meat is stored. To read more about Colorado Academy’s Middle School Interim trip to Quebec, click here.