Getting Settled in Scotland

By senior Dana Greenleaf

Student Post- Life in ScotlandSettling in to life here has been as easy as eating haggis, a traditional Scottish pudding of sheep’s heart, liver and lungs, which is surprisingly delicious! Although we have found getting used to the Scottish lifestyle easy, there are many notable differences.

The school is more formal then CA, due to traditions that date back hundreds of years. For example, the head of school wears a formal robe at the assemblies, and organ music serenades the students as they enter and exit the hall. Despite the formal feel, the pupils have been very sunny, like the Scottish weather, which has been much better than we expected!

In between classes we spend most of the day in the “bistro,” Hutchie’s sorta of “senior lounge.” On a normal day you can find students playing ferocious games of table tennis or “giving the chat.” We have found lots of fun ideas to bring to Colorado Academy!

Once the school day ends, we go home to our great host families. Traditional Scottish fare like Haggis, fish and chips, and black pudding, has been interesting to say the least.