Even in a pandemic, we celebrated the 100th Day of School

Wear 100 objects! Dress like 100 years ago—1921! Dress like 100 years in the future—2121! Dress like you are 100 years old! Wear the number 100! Wear your favorite outfit!

Those were just some of the ways that Colorado Academy’s Lower School celebrated how much learning happens in the first 100 days of school.

As Principal Angie Crabtree described the event in advance, “I’m planning a 100th Day Palooza of Fun!”

There was a treat for Lower School students delivered on the 100th minute of the day (9:50 a.m.) Traditionally, Zero the Hero visits the Lower School on the 100th Day, but with COVID-19 protocols preventing out-of-school visitors, a masked stand-in took his place. With him, Zero the Hero brought a best friend—a trusty dog puppet to honor Kindergarten Teaching Assistant Emily Hariton’s dog who, she had told students during remote learning, was a “Junior Zero the Hero.” As Zero put it, “I brought along the puppet as my sidekick, because, after all, zero needs other numbers to have any value!”

And for several days before the official event, there were a dozen interactive bulletin boards hanging throughout the Lower School to collect the thoughts and wisdom of students on a variety of subjects, including:

  • 100 Dreams for the World
  • 100 Reasons we love CA: neat friends, we support each other, we have fun and Gus, it is a kind community, lunch and recess, great learning, teachers, Colorado Academy is awesome, I have made soooo many friends, everybody’s nice, they keep us safe.
  • 100 Acts of Kindness: hold the door, help a friend, play with new people, help your teacher, not sharing during COVID, giving a compliment, help a lost puppy, doing a chore without being asked, smile at people each day, treat everyone the same.
  • 100 Places we want to visit
  • Ways to make 100: 50 x 2, 72 + 28, 10×10, 100-1+1=100
  • 100 Words: friendship, loveable, fun, food, happiness, kindness, joy, safety, chicken, dog
  • Would you rather Hula Hoop to 100 or Hop Scotch to 100?
  • 100 Ways to be Kind: help with homework, listen to a teacher, be safe, open the door, share love, give someone a hug.
  • In the first 100 days, I have learned: to spell better, how to speak Spanish, to be kind like Mrs. Crabtree, I learned to count to 100 by ones, to wear your mask, I learned I love giraffes, to drink water, to be positive, to make new friends.
  • I wish I had 100: wishes, unicorns, soccer and lacrosse balls, pieces of candy, puppies (very popular), horses, Lego sets, dragons, cats, different paint colors.
  • If I had $100, I would buy: a gift for someone’s birthday, puppies (always popular), I’d save it, I would donate it to charity, I would buy Legos, food, a big fish tank, feed the homeless, 10 pizzas.
  • 100 Questions about the World: Where do clouds come from? How are rocks made? When will COVID-19 stop? Is there an end to the human calendar? Who invented baseball? Is the sky actually blue? How did dinosaurs die? Why do people talk in different languages?

 “It was so exciting to see students approach each board with excitement to add their responses and read the responses of their Lower School peers,” says Crabtree. “The 100th Day boards created a buzz of conversation and joyous activity in the hallways. It was so much fun that Student Council is working on new response boards for the spring.”

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