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Wow! And wow! The trip to Cuba was fantastic and there aren’t enough words to describe this wonderful little gem of a country.  From historic Havana, to a provincial town, to a hike in a national forest, we had a variety of culturally-rich experiences and exchanges, book-ended with historic events: President Obama’s visit and the Rolling Stones concert.

Likewise, the itinerary was chock full of amazing adventure, cultural exchange, and deep learning.  Every day, we walked away with more questions than when we started and we ended our week with a long list of further research to complete.  Our mission was fulfilled every time we connected with the Cuban community and learned directly from those who are living in this beautiful country.

Above all, students were safe and happy and bonded together in unique ways that will allow them to remember this trip forever. It’s likely that careers will be shaped and future travel will be determined thanks to this most historic trip in Cuba.