Creativity and Fun Take Center Stage in Halloween Parade

With nearly every student, teacher, and staff member in costume, Halloween festivities in Colorado Academy’s Lower School carry on throughout the day. But when it comes time for the official Halloween Parade, the party really picks up steam, as Principal Angie Crabtree—DJ for the day—leads students in Pre-K through Grade 5 on a dancing, costumed celebration around Stamper Commons, with many parents and grandparents in attendance to take pictures and join in the fun.

The weather on October 28, 2022, was perfect for this year’s parade. Students gathered by grade, excited to show off their many creative costumes on the big Stamper Commons stage, and they eagerly listened as Crabtree welcomed guests to the special occasion, a beloved CA tradition.

“At CA we love creativity, we love imagination, and today we get to explore it all,” she said.

When Crabtree cued the music, each grade took their turn to walk, skip, run, or hop along a route around Stamper and past enthusiastic Middle Schoolers, who had assembled in the Sculpture Garden to high-five the costumed Lower Schoolers as they marched past. 

Parade participants then returned to Stamper Commons, where they could gather with friends and wave to their family members. When all had completed the parade route, Crabtree cued a familiar music track, and led the crowd of students and their teachers in the “Cha Cha Slide” dance. Fifth Graders followed with a fun “flash mob” choreographed by Upper and Middle School theater and dance teacher Melissa Zaremba.

Then it was time for popsicles, signaling the traditional finale of the Halloween Parade. Parents joined their children for photos and hugs, and the party continued until the fall sunshine began to fade.