We are a month into school and off to another great year. We are pleased to be able to provide a variety of events for the benefit of the entire Colorado Academy community. I am so grateful to work with such a generous and dedicated group of volunteers.

The Parent Association offers a variety of social activities with the sole purpose of creating community including all parents in the school. One thing we love about CA is that it’s a campus filled with 4-18 year-olds and filled with interaction between students at such different stages in life. I would say that the same can be said for the parent community, too. We are all at different stages in our lives, and the community at CA is the perfect place to get ideas of “what comes next,” share parenting tips, and learn from those with older and younger children.

One of my favorite PA experiences was participating in the Wreath & Garland fundraiser as a new parent to CA. As an alumna, I had a better sense of the school than other new parents, but there was plenty I didn’t know—especially about the upper divisions and what it was like to parent a teenager! It was such a valuable experience, standing outside Welborn House on a brisk December morning, tying bows on the greenery, listening to delightful stories from parents of Upper Schoolers and what their life was like. I knew I could ask questions if needed, and at the very least, I knew that our community benefited from having parents in different stages of the journey. Some of those parents became dear friends, and because our children were far apart in age, we wouldn’t have met outside of our work in the PA.

Calling all climbers, readers, cyclists, hikers 

The school parent community offers a variety of social activities to connect everyone. In early September, the Tennis Group met for drills on the CA courts with new Boys Varsity Tennis Coach Noah Tendre. The PA Book Club has quite a dedicated following and has lively discussions that sometimes include the author. The Hiking Group has several fall hikes planned, which include a variety of levels with many dog-friendly hikes. CA Cyclists, both road and mountain, meet up and do different rides depending on interest and ability. The Skiing/Riding Group has renewed interest and will be hitting the slopes this winter. Art enthusiasts meet at local museums to see the latest exhibit. New to the parent activities will be a Rock Climbing Group that will meet at the new beautiful Climbing Center in the CA Field House.

In order to know more about when and how these events go on, please register to be on the email communication list or email me directly. In addition, these events are on the CA Calendar and are open to all. If you have an idea of another activity that we should offer, it’s as simple as suggesting it!

Through these activities, we get to know parents in different divisions, in an informal way, sharing a hobby we love. What better way to build authentic community—all centered around our dedication to making CA an amazing school for our children.