Courage & Conversation: A Recommended Read

Courage & Conversation: A Recommended Read

Colorado Academy has joined in a yearlong project to read books selected for all ages on the theme of Courage. CA’s Library Staff curated a selection of titles, among them Crenshaw, in which beloved author Katherine Applegate proves in unexpected ways that friends matter, whether real or imaginary.

Here, Colorado Academy Fifth Grader Siri Reddy reviews the book:

Are you looking for a book with just the right mix of heart-warmth, laughing moments, a unique perspective, and a perfectly paced plot? If so, Crenshaw is the right book for you. Ten-year-old Jackson is worried his family might have to live in their minivan again, eating stale, hard pumpernickel bagels for breakfast and playing music on the corner for money for dinner. But on the day Jackson finds a giant, outspoken, black-and-white cat taking a bubble bath in his bathroom, everything begins to change.

Will Jackson’s old imaginary friend, Crenshaw, be able to turn Jackson’s life right side up again? Read this amazing book to find out!

Reviewed by Siri M. Reddy, Fifth Grade

For other suggested titles, see your printed Colorado Academy calendar for month-by-month book suggestions.