Construction Projects: Myths Busted & Questions Answered

It would be tough to miss the building on Colorado Academy’s campus that is part of the current capital effort, but the nuts and bolts details of the campaign are not as easy to see. In fact, with multiple projects that have been part of a multi-year campaign, it can be downright confusing. Here is an update:  

Myth 1

If construction is already underway, it seems like they don’t really need my help. 

Not so! CA has $8 – $10 million additional dollars to raise as part of the See it Through campaign. The Board of Trustees voted to approve construction of Phase I of the Athletic Center, which includes the Field House structure now visible on campus, but Phase II of that project, as well as a refurbished theater, will only move forward if additional dollars are raised. 

Myth 2

The size of my capital gift is not as large as what some donors give. I don’t think mine will make a difference. 

Not so! Every gift matters and the investment of parents, grandparents, and alumni is critical. These major projects impact the school for years to come, and they get done with support from the entire CA community.   

Myth 3

It used to be that CA’s policy was not to break ground on a project until pledges or funding was in hand. Has that changed? 

No! CA’s See it Through campaign has already raised the funds for and built two of the projects: the revitalized Welborn House and the Ponzio Arts Center. Both buildings opened in January 2017, thanks to generous funding from the CA community.  Once the school had raised enough for Phase I of the Athletic Center, construction was begun. The remainder of the fundraising will pay for Phase II of the Athletic Center and for an updated theater. 

Myth 4

My children are in older grades and won’t get much use from these facilities. My impression is that others with younger children are the target audience. 

Not so!  Just like many parents in CA’s past helped to fund things like the Upper School (2013), the Schotters Music Building (2005), Campus Center and Dining Hall (2005), the Chowdry Middle School (2003) and many others, we build not just for the present, but also for the future. We are enlisting support from the entire CA community to build these final projects and see the vision through so that we can carry on CA’s legacy of excellence and fulfill the vision of creating one of the top independent schools in the U.S. 

Consider this: Part of CA’s existing athletic facility is an old World War II structure that arrived in sections on the school’s campus from Buckley Air Field. Walled in with cinderblock construction, the main gymnasium remains the only available space for all-school gatherings. The athletic program has experienced immense success, but it now needs the “right sized” facilities to continue to serve its student-athletes. 

Colorado Academy’s Froelicher Theatre is the gathering place for the traditions and ceremonies that are the heart of the CA community. Every week students use the theater, which was built in 1977. As CA’s arts education program is transformed by the addition of a dance program, conservatories, and innovative classes, a new structure is required to provide an appropriate place for the theatrical productions, concerts, and recitals that showcase our highly successful program and an improved home for CA gatherings. 

Pledge or give now: Note that you may make a three-year pledge and pay your commitment anytime between 2017 and 2019. 

Want more information? Visit the CA See it Through website (, to find architectural drawings, naming opportunities, and more.  

More questions? Let us know! 

Bob Schmitz, or Gravely Wilson.