Photo courtesy of Grace LeMieux

At the Table with Dr. King

In February, in honor of the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the entire Colorado Academy community gathered in the new Athletic Center and participated in a full production of “At the Table with Dr. King,” performed in conjunction with the Mizel Museum in Denver.

The presentation included theater, film, instrumentals, and inspiring gospel singing, which illustrated for students key moments in the life of  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., moments he would say “called” him to serve as leader in the civil rights movement.

Throughout the production, a symbolic red telephone sat in the middle of a kitchen table as a reminder that, at a point in everyone’s life, they will be called upon to stand up and speak out for what they believe.

Students, faculty, and staff watched footage of key speeches and events in Dr. King’s life, focusing not upon the tragedy of his death, but rather on the brilliant and uplifting trajectory of his purposeful leadership.

As singers performed “Stand by Me” in perfect harmony, students cheered and waved lights on cell phones. “At the Table with Dr. King” included the entire Pre-K through Grade 12 community at CA, and as a community, all were touched by the performance. 

From the Mizel Museum:

 “At the Table with Dr. King” is a multifaceted, live performance that teaches students about the American Civil Rights movement and valuable lessons of equality and respect. Through music, poetry, historical video footage and Dr. King’s own words, “At the Table” also challenges students to engage in creative acts of service and leadership in their communities. This hour-long show is performed by professionals from More than Music and is designed to be held as a school assembly for larger audiences.