CA Seniors at a Get-it-Done session

College Office introduces new programming

For busy Colorado Academy Seniors juggling homework, extracurriculars, and the byzantine 21st century college application process, there are few real breaks. Nearly every CA Senior applies to at least one college (but usually many) by November 1, just a few weeks into the school year.

With so much to do and so little time, this fall we introduced a popular “Get-it-Done” series of sessions for Seniors. With the support of multiple counselors, and surrounded by supportive peers, the Class of 2022 quickly adopted a “we’re-in-this-together” mindset. While “Get-it-Done” was initially limited to one week, it was so well-received that we extended it. Students typed away and released the stress that can build under so much pressure.

We’re excited to share that, at the beginning of trimester three, the College Office will launch our first structured series of classes for all Juniors to take once per rotation. We’ll cover topics such as college research, making the most of your campus visit, application case studies, essay writing, and everything in between. The opportunity to engage meaningfully with groups of Juniors as they begin to unravel their thoughts and shape their dreams will be a gift. They will benefit from the structure and multiple perspectives of our experienced counseling team, and we will benefit from deepening our working relationships with all students.

This new experience will never replace the heart of our program—1:1 counseling. But it will allow us to have more consistent contact with students as we help them navigate forward.

Starting in the fall, all Seniors will have a “Get-it-Done” work session each rotation. During that hour, they’ll tackle the moving pieces of their college applications at a steady pace. We’ll be by their side with heaps of wisdom and candy.

As always, here at CA, we continue to celebrate what really matters in the end: the journey, the self-discovery, the growth.

Seniors will….get it done!