Class of 2022 pirates greet Class of 2025


“One Last Treasure Hunt.”

That’s how members of the Class of 2022 envision their final year at Colorado Academy, with the theme of “Pirates” and their motto emblazoned on the back of their T-shirts.

On the first day of school, they took over the entry of the Upper School and shouted an enthusiastic “Ahoy, Matey!,” as they welcomed the Class of 2025 through the front doors of the school.

There was no walking the plank—only grins from the Freshmen and welcoming yells from the Seniors, who shared a few thoughts on the first day of their final year at CA.

“We greet each and every one of the Freshmen as they come in, and that shows how welcoming we are.” Jack Younger, Class of 2022 Co-President

“Last year was kind of a weird year, so I think that this year is exciting because we want things to go back to normal.” Sofia Skipwith, Class of 2022 Co-President

“It just shows how close of a community we are and how we actually see each other as a family.” Ahbil Woldeyohannes

 “CA spirit is very, very energetic. You have to get the Freshmen going to make sure that everyone feels included. Now that we’re all together, it’s a lot more fun, and we’re going to cherish it and not take it for granted.”  Sabrina Wachuta

“After last year, it feels amazing. I think personally, as someone who’s like very social and loves to talk and see all my classmates, it was really hard not having that, but this year we were all really excited, and we’re ready to go.” Erick Hernandez

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