Class of 2020 Alumni Together Again!

It seemed like poetic justice when the first in-person alumni event held on the CA campus was for the Class of 2020. After a rainy late afternoon on June 29, 2021, the skies finally cleared, and the sun came out by 6:00 p.m.

A dinner hosted by the CA Alumni Association brought alumni, faculty, and Head of School Dr. Mike Davis to the Welborn House. The last three months of the Senior year for this class had ended with a campus shutdown due to COVID-19 and led to CA’s first bout of remote learning. The amazing Commencement Car Parade in May 2020 did bring the class together, but socially distant. Not on this day!

Fully vaccinated alumni and teachers were finally able to return to “normal” social interaction. There was a lot to catch up on: college, jobs, and gap-year experiences. It was wonderful to share news, stories, and laughter with classmates and faculty and to just be together.