Registration day

On a monthly basis, we have check-in meetings with the entire Horizons National network. Even though these meetings are held via Zoom and not in person, there is a strong sense of community that we have built together, especially during the time of COVID-19. Our most recent meeting took place in May, and the question posed was, “What are you most looking forward to this summer?” An overwhelming majority of the respondents said that they couldn’t wait to see their students in person!

This year, due to the restrictions of in-person contact, our registration process looked different. We did our initial registration individually over the phone in February and then wrapped it up in person in May on Knapp Elementary’s campus, and the excitement for our program was palpable among the families and the students. After such a trying time during the past year, getting into the pool, playing with other students, learning interesting things, and being together in person are incredibly exciting prospects. The entire Horizons at CA community is really looking forward to our time together!

Knowing that we will be together in person during a pandemic, we are going to be very mindful to keep everyone as safe as possible. We are excited to be partnering with SafeAccess, a mobile app that was developed to help companies and institutions keep track of COVID-19 cases among their populations in an easy way that protects privacy. I first found out about SafeAccess as a user. Denver Public Schools uses the app for all of their students and staff, and both of my daughters are in DPS schools. As a user, I love the ease of the program and the fact that it is offered in multiple languages. I am also excited to use this particular app because I know that most of our Horizons families are DPS families and are using it on a daily basis. According to the company’s CEO, Sumanth Channabasappa,

 “As we emerge from this pandemic, it is clear that safe in-person experiences are a priority to ensure our physical and emotional well-being, especially as we resume and grow impactful efforts such as what Horizons provides.”

 Another part of our effort to keep everyone as safe as possible is to encourage our staff and students aged 12+ to get vaccinated. As information becomes available, we are continually sharing it with our families, students, and staff, so that they can make informed decisions and get the vaccine. During our in-person registration in May, it was clear that many families were eager to get their children vaccinated, in order for all of us to resume a pre-pandemic lifestyle, as we recover from the tremendous impact COVID-19 has had on all of us.

Thanks to an incredibly successful Horizons Giving Day held in May, we have the funds needed to ensure that this summer, Horizons at CA will be able to provide a dynamic program that will bring joy and learning to all of our students. We are eternally grateful to all of our donors that make this possible! With this continued support, our students will be able to have the tools that they need to recover academically, socially, and emotionally. And parents will have peace of mind that their children are involved in a program that has their children’s best interests in mind, always.