CA Upper School Global Travel Catalog – 2023-2024

Join CA on trips to Panama, Canada, Peru, and Bahamas


At Colorado Academy, we nurture dynamic thinkers and active citizens of the world through a curriculum that develops intellectual aptitude and character. Part of that curriculum includes experiences designed to offer students extended study outside the classroom and out of the country. These programs are strictly optional. Some are more academic and exploratory; others are more service-oriented. Each is designed to be a memorable and educational experience. There are a number of challenging and exciting programs in Upper School. No matter the destination, CA’s Global Travel program provides a wide range of opportunities for enhanced learning.

CA faculty members lead our trips, and some trips include arrangements by a trusted professional travel vendor. We are committed to helping students gain invaluable experience as part of a secure and safe travel experience. At CA, safety is our primary concern. Trips may be postponed or canceled due to weather, staffing, political unrest, pandemics, travel restrictions or advisories, or any other conditions that would compromise student safety.

Want to enroll?

If you have questions, please contact Taja McKinney or the teacher sponsoring the program directly. Spaces are limited.

The application window for Upper School Global Travel is open through October 3, 2023. All applications are due by Tuesday, October 3 for consideration. Apply now.

Note: Some trips have language requirements.

You may apply to multiple programs, but you will likely only go on ONE trip.

Questions? Reach out to the trip leader or contact Taja McKinney, CA Director of Global Travel.

Have questions about financial aid?

Parents/guardians should submit the Global Travel Grant form at the same time that their student is applying for a trip.

Families must currently qualify for need-based tuition aid for 2023-2024 to be considered for a Global Travel Grant.  All applications for financial aid are kept confidential, and final decisions are made by the Financial Aid Committee.  Feel free to reach out to Ms. Dean, 303-914-2516, with any questions. ¿Busca más información sobre CA? ¡Comuníquese con Abel Ramirez al 303-914-2573.

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  • Location: Panama (Panama City and Mamoni Nature Preserve)
  • Dates: March 23-30, 2024 (Spring Break)
  • Trip Leaders: Abby Page & Madison Slater
  • Program Cost: $3868
  • Airfare estimate: $1150
  • Eligibility: Upper School students – Grades 9-12 (preference is students taking Spanish)
  • Capacity: 14-18 students
  • Vendor:  Envoys
  • Read more: Detailed Itinerary
  • Initial Application due Tuesday, October 3.

For this expedition, Ms. Page and Mr. Slater will lead you deep into the heart of the rainforest, where you will be surrounded by the mesmerizing biodiversity of this remarkable nation. You will actively collaborate with local conservation organizations who are working to preserve this unique ecosystem.

You will have the privilege of engaging with indigenous communities, delving into the intricate tapestry of Panama’s rich history, and acquainting yourselves with its modern marvels. 

This experience is a varied exploration of Panama, enabling you to gain an appreciation for its diverse landscapes, lifestyles, ethnicities, and cultures, while you also get to practice your Spanish language skills. Highlights include:

  • Mamoni Valley Preserve: Immerse yourself in one of Earth’s top 20 biodiverse hotspots, learning about innovative conservation efforts.
  • Sustainable Development Challenges: Explore the complexities of sustainable development in a growing economy, examining issues that matter most to Panamanians.
  • Panama Canal Discovery: Visit the world-famous Panama Canal, unraveling its history and mechanics.
  • Environmental Protection Involvement: Participate in activities critical to future environmental protection endeavors.

This invigorating Spring Break expedition presents a distinctive fusion of adventure, learning, and cultural engagement, promising a transformative encounter that will enrich your comprehension of Panama and our global community.

Quebec and Montreal

  • Location: Quebec and Montreal
  • Dates: May 18-25, 2024 (Upper School Interim)
  • Trip Leaders: Stephanie Turner & Dr. Kenneth Usongo
  • Program Cost: $2590 (includes $500 Interim credit)
  • Airfare estimate: $885
  • Eligibility: Upper School students – Grades 9-12, who are taking French
  • Capacity: 16-18 students
  • Vendor: Walking Tree Travel 
  • Read more: Detailed Itinerary
  • Initial Application due Tuesday, October 3.

Embark on an enthralling journey of French language immersion and cultural discovery as we venture to the vibrant cities of Quebec and Montreal. This interim program offers a profound exploration of the rich heritage, history, and modern dynamics of these captivating Canadian destinations. 

Guided by the expertise of Mme. Turner and Dr. Usongo, your itinerary transcends the ordinary, unveiling hidden local treasures and fostering meaningful connections within welcoming communities.  Highlights include:

  • Old Port of Montreal Markets: Wander through the lively markets at the old port of Montreal, where a world of flavors, crafts, and culture awaits your exploration.
  • Chutes Montmorency Adventure: Stand in awe of the breathtaking beauty of Chutes Montmorency, a magnificent Quebec waterfall, as you immerse yourself in the natural wonders of the region.
  • French Language Immersion: Elevate your language skills with engaging classes led by native speakers, providing an immersive cultural experience.
  • Architectural Marvels: Journey through time as you explore Canada’s oldest military building—the Citadelle—and other architectural wonders, each revealing the fascinating history of the region.
  • Musée des Beaux Arts Tour: Embark on an enlightening tour of the Musée des Beaux Arts, where you’ll not only marvel at exceptional art but also revel in breathtaking vistas of the St. Lawrence River.

In this cultural journey, the emphasis is on delving deeper into the rich cultural mosaic of Quebec and Montreal, where you’ll find ample opportunities to practice and enhance your French language skills. 

It’s an immersive experience that promises to enrich your understanding of these vibrant cities and leave you with lasting memories of cultural immersion and linguistic growth.


  • Location: Cuzco and Urubamba Valley
  • Dates: May 17-26, 2024 (Upper School Interim) Note: Friday evening departure and Sunday a.m. return to Denver
  • Trip Leaders: Lisa Todd & Liza Skipwith
  • Program Cost: $2445 (includes $500 Interim credit)
  • Airfare estimate: $1400
  • Eligibility: Upper School students – Grades 9-12 in Spanish 3 or higher
  • Capacity: 12-18 students
  • Vendor: Visions 
  • Read more: Detailed Itinerary
  • Initial Application due Tuesday, October 3.

Ms. Todd and Ms. Skipwith invite you to join them on an enriching service trip to captivating Peru, where history, culture, and adventure await. This Interim experience is designed to not only plunge you into the beauty of this remarkable country, but also to provide deep cultural connection and Spanish language immersion. 

This transformative journey offers a blend of service activities and exciting excursions. You will be based in the picturesque Urubamba Valley, nestled near Machu Picchu, surrounded by snow-capped Andean peaks and vibrant Quechua traditions. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:

  • Machu Picchu Exploration: Embark on a two-day excursion to the magnificent ruins of Machu Picchu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and immerse yourself in the wonder of ancient Incan civilization.
  • Local Craft Workshops: Learn the art of local crafts, including pottery, chocolate-making, jewelry crafting, and beekeeping, all while supporting local artisans.
  • Sacred Valley Discoveries: Visit the Moray and Chinchero ruins in the Sacred Valley, unlocking the secrets of Incan history and culture.
  • Salineras Salt Flats Tour: Tour the Salineras Salt Flats, used by both ancient and contemporary Peruvians, and witness their remarkable salt-harvesting techniques.
  • Community Integration: Spend an entire day with a local family in a neighboring town, gaining insights into their daily life and traditions.
  • Exploration of Cuzco: Explore the ancient Incan capital of Cuzco, a city steeped in history and vibrant culture.

This experience places a strong emphasis on global connection, sustainability, and personal growth. You will be encouraged to fully engage with a completely different way of life, as you actively contribute to the community through service and construction projects. This expedition combines exploration and service in one of South America’s most enchanting destinations.

The Island School – Bahamas

  • Location: Eleuthera Island, Bahamas
  • Dates: May 18-25, 2024 (Upper School Interim)
  • Trip Leaders: Max Delgado & Sydney Finkbohner
  • Program Cost: $1950 (includes $500 Interim credit)
  • Airfare estimate: $1100
  • Eligibility: Upper School students – Grades 9-12
  • Capacity: 16 students
  • Vendor: The Island School 
  • Read more: Visiting Program
  • Initial Application due Tuesday, October 3.

Due to overwhelming demand last year, we present you with another opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable educational odyssey at The Island School on Eleuthera in the Bahamas. Join Ms. Finkbohner and Mr. Delgado and prepare to step beyond your comfort zone, as you immerse yourself in the world of experiential learning and exploration at one of the Caribbean’s premier field research and education facilities.

 Highlights include:

  • Learning about Global Issues: You’ll explore pressing issues facing small island nations, like ocean acidification and renewable energy, gaining hands-on insights into the critical environmental challenges of our time.
  • Real-world Field Research: Last year CA students were fortunate to collaborate with scientists on initiatives involving shark tagging and combatting invasive lionfish, creating real-world impact.
  • Exploring Eleuthera: Explore intricate caves, paddle through crystal-clear waters on kayaks, and dive into vibrant underwater ecosystems while snorkeling. 

What sets The Island School apart is its steadfast dedication to fostering leadership skills. This transformative experience at the Island School goes beyond the confines of traditional classrooms, granting you the opportunity to broaden your scientific horizons and make a meaningful impact on the world, all within the context of an extraordinary adventure.