CA Seniors show Freshmen how to be Superheroes

It is a beloved Colorado Academy tradition that not even COVID-19 could destroy.

With some creative ingenuity and a lot of cooperation (and the help of Upper School Principal Jon Vogels and Superhero Senior Dean Gabe Bernstein), the Class of 2021 welcomed the Class of 2024 to the Upper School.

The theme for the year was “Superheroes” and the T-shirts everyone wore summed it up: “REAL HEROES WEAR MASKS.”  Masked Seniors were stationed from the Campus Center, where buses arrived, all the way to the drop-off loop, observing six-foot distancing to make sure the greeting was in line with CA’s “Smart Restart” plan.

The welcome lasted two days, because the CA student body is divided into two groups, Rockies and Mustangs. But that only meant there were two days of raucous, noise-making fun (with a little air horn thrown in for good measure) to greet the Freshmen. Their reaction? In some cases, it was mercifully hidden behind a mask…but do not fear. Four years from now, they will have their moment to greet the Colorado Academy Class of 2027.

See all the photos from two days of welcome!

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