CA Parent Association finishes year strong


At the beginning of June, the Colorado Academy Parent Association (PA) has a lot to be thankful for and can look back on an extremely prosperous and engaging school year! Thanks to each one of you who contributed in countless ways for this year’s success—whether by hosting a class parent event, chairing a committee, attending a parent activity, or contributing to our faculty and staff appreciation events—your efforts make a huge difference in the quality of our community!

A few shout-outs to these special people who excelled at managing our spring events:

All-School Art Fair – Alyssa Clarke and Bethany Glesser

Arts Around Co-Chairs – Lesley Argent and Rosemarie Wipfelder Kumpe

AP Exam Proctors – Lisa Klingbeil and Phyllis Allen

Alive @ 25 – Carolyn Wachuta and Laura Agelopoulos

Giant Relay Parent Team Chair – Dan Carson

And thanks to each of our fun Parent Activity Chairs:

Art Tours – Sonia Carty

Biking – Meghan Geisler

Book Club – Kia Kofron

Hiking – Nicole Behrhorst and Heidi Wolfe

Tennis – Shannon Burke and Stacy McHugh

Finally, a special thank you to the ongoing efforts of Kendall Slutzky, who is singlehandedly keeping our King Soopers grocery card project alive in light of recent program changes. Please review the new program and sign up today!

It was a true honor to give $25,000 back to CA in the form of divisional items voted on by our parent community.

From Left: Jill Rakowski and Denise Kay

Thank you all for your tremendous support and contribution during my year as PA President. It was an honor to serve. I’m most excited to turn the reins over to our new President, Jill Rakowski. Thank you to those exiting the Executive Committee, those continuing on, and our new additions! Happy Summer—make the most of every minute!

With gratitude,

Denise Kay