Members of CA's Mock Trial team at the 2021 regional event.

CA Mock Trial teams have strong showing in regionals

Colorado Academy had a strong showing in Colorado’s Mock Trial Regional Tournament, as all three of its teams placed in the top four finishers. Congratulations to everyone who took on trial roles in the intense but friendly competition.

The tournament was held in four rounds, over the course of three days, February 11-13. Students took on the roles of defense and prosecution attorneys, as well as witnesses, in the case entitled “The People of the State of Colorado vs. Avery Becker.”

In the case, Becker is accused of killing his Mock Trial coach, after the two got into a number of disagreements, including Becker being kicked off his high school’s Mock Trial team. Teams were required to enter videos, as well as photos and statements, into evidence. Despite the entire competition being on Zoom, judges and magistrates still swore in all parties.

Members of CA's Mock Trial team during their swearing in.
Members of CA’s Mock Trial B Team were among the participants sworn in by Magistrate Wheeler.

CA’s three Mock Trial teams were repeatedly given positive feedback from the judges, magistrates, and scorers who officiated at the tournament. Many CA students, from all three teams, received individual achievement awards.

One judge declared after an A team performance that “any of you could come in my courtroom and try a case today.” He added that the students had “great grasp of the case.”

Judges praised the B team’s “amazing work,” noting their calling out of inconsistencies in the videos, e.g., the suspect’s different shoes, was a “nice touch.”

After one of C Team’s rounds, the judge shared they had done a “great job on themes” and called out Sophomore J.T. Timmers, telling him that his cross examination “really stood out.”

The teams’ successes would not be possible without the extraordinary commitment from coaches, including Douglas Beck, Mark Grueskin, Andres Guevara, Michael MacPhail, Brian Milligan, Marte Timmers, and Upper School Principal Jon Vogels.

All three CA teams had members receive recognition for their performances, including:

Best Witness award recipients: Seniors Connell Barton, Chloe Brants, and Andy Guevara; Juniors Audrey Gordon, Morgan Romine, William Sharp, Grace Trembath, and Nathan Truong; and Sophomore Charlie Jones.

Best Attorney award recipients: Seniors Jordan Davidson, Colby Lish, and Czarina Yuffa; and Juniors Claire Kenney and Morgan Taylor.

The top three finishers in the Regional Tournament advance to the State Championship. Although Mullen High School actually won the day, CA’s A and B Teams move on to State and will compete March 11-13.

More photos of participants at the Regional Tournament: