Boys Golf celebrates winnng the Regional Tournament

CA fall athletics, 2020 edition

As we move forward and navigate the pandemic that impacts us all, Colorado Academy athletes have adjusted and overcome many of the challenges that have been presented to us this fall. With some seasons postponed until the spring, many CA Field Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball, and Ultimate Frisbee players still have found a way to be upbeat and positive regarding their fall “season.” CA’s heads of these programs have designed and put into place safe and appropriate workouts for their athletes.

Volleyball practice

Preparing for the future

Coach Scott’s Field Hockey program conducts early morning practices on Slater Turf Field, and her players’ enthusiasm is through the roof. Oftentimes, girls can be seen running from an 8:30 a.m. conclusion of practice to their cars, so they can go grab a quick bite to eat and then be back in time for a 9:30 a.m. class on campus, or back at home learning remotely.

New head of CA Volleyball, Kristen Englehart, is conducting practices outside on Wright Field three times per week. On one afternoon and two early mornings a week, an average of 25 girls show up to run through drills, formations, and skill development that will help them once the season starts. Although their feet may be a little wet after training at 7 a.m., the girls are all smiles when they come off Wright Field.

“I love starting my day this way, because I’m so happy to see my teammates and work with them,” says Junior Jaden “JJ” Moore. “I really appreciate Coach Kristen’s organization and energy. She’s great!”

Playing right now

CA’s heads of program for Tennis, Golf, and Cross Country have also implemented new normals that enable their athletes to train and compete during their abbreviated seasons. (add link to my story when it’s done)

Michael Ford

CA’s Boys Tennis team won first place in its region, with a particularly impressive performance in 3D with Senior Michael Ford and Sophomore Hudson Parks, as they capped off their season winning the region, the State Championship, and going undefeated for the year. All seven CA positions advanced to the state tournament in Pueblo. Also winning the region were 1D Freshman Clayton Johnson and Junior Holden Koch and 2 doubles Juniors Alex Hindes and Will Whalen.

 Head Coach of Boys Golf, Beth Folsom, has seen an influx of athletes due to soccer being postponed until the spring. She has sprung into action and organized seemingly limitless golf matches for all of her players. Coach Beth’s Varsity team won the Regional tournament in Colorado City. Juniors Bo Turnage and Jack Pashel along with Sophomores J.T. Timmers and T.J. Giordano will go on to the State match on October 5 and 6 at Dos Rios in Gunnison, Colo.

Across the board, CA athletic program leaders are persevering through current circumstances, including Wes Kirk, Strength and Conditioning; Gabe Bernstein, Soccer; Annie Bennett, Cross Country; Noah Tondre, Tennis; and Eric Augustin, Ultimate Frisbee.

All these coaches have shown tremendous initiative while keeping everybody safe and healthy. We will need each other, and we will need community to make it through these trying times. We all need to remain active and make sure to get plenty of exercise.