Congratulations to the following faculty members who were honored by Head of School Dr. Mike Davis and their peers at CA for outstanding work over the past year.

Head of School Award

This award is presented to a Faculty or Staff member who demonstrates outstanding service on behalf of the Colorado Academy community.

Catherine Laskey, Director of Admission & Financial Aid

Frances Newton Outstanding Faculty Awards

faculty-awards-kate-odonnellNamed in the spring of 2003, and endowed by an anonymous donor, the award recognizes those who, during that year, modeled teaching excellence, who rendered exemplary service on behalf of students and colleagues, and who, in their teaching practice, provided examples of the multiple talents and values that are mirrored in the school’s mission.

Kate O’Donnell, Lower School Counselor;
Lisa Ruddy, Middle School Core & Mathematics
Lisa Todd, Upper School Spanish

Connie Adcock Award for Inspirational Teaching

faculty-awards-cindy-jordanEndowed by an anonymous family that was fortunate enough to “dance on the tables” with her for one magical year, the Connie Adcock Award for Inspirational Teaching was created in 2011 to honor this one-of-a-kind faculty member upon her retirement from Colorado Academy after teaching first grade and kindergarten for 21 years. The Connie Adcock Award for Inspirational Teaching recognizes a teacher who ignites in students a lifelong love of learning and creative expression through the use of innovative teaching methods, who ensures a nurturing classroom environment that encourages risk taking and appreciates individual style, and who plants within children that seed of confidence that hard work and perseverance will take them far in life, and that their successes are worthy of celebration.

Cindy Jordan, Vocal Music Director

Yoeman Fisher Teaching Excellence Award

faculty-awards-barry-simmonsThis Award was instituted in 1980 in memory of a beloved retiring lower-school teacher. It was established to recognize a long and outstanding teaching career at CA. The criteria for the award include one who is a creative, inventive, inspiring, and knowledgeable teacher; one who is a role model and displays in his or her own life the qualities of invention, curiosity, and intellectual discipline which we seek to inculcate in students; and one who is seen by peers as a source of sound advice and an intelligent critic of teaching strategy.

Barry Simmons, Upper School History

Faculty Advancement Recognition

faculty-awards-lisa-toddEach year, qualified faculty members are encouraged to undertake the advancement process, to one of three levels: Senior Instructor, Preceptor, or Master Teacher. This year, 11 CA teachers, across all three divisions, worked to advance to the next level.

Joel Allen, Upper School Science (Senior Instructor)
Eric Augustin, Lower School Math; Middle School Core (Senior Instructor)
Brigitte Debord, Upper School French (Preceptor)
Carrie Diehl, Middle School Art (Preceptor)
Meg Hill, Upper School Spanish (Preceptor)
Katy Hills, Upper School Art (Senior Instructor)
Alicia Knox, Lower School Music (Preceptor)
Stephanie Stone, Lower School Teacher, Grade Three (Senior Instructor)
Lisa Todd, Upper School Spanish (Preceptor)