Book Club with Paul Krajovic: Frankenstein revisited

For twenty years, Paul Krajovic taught English at Colorado Academy, including chairing the department and advising students as a college counselor. After a career which took him as far as Istanbul, Paul continues to engage students, now alumni, in CA’s virtual Alumni Book Club. For the second year, he chose a book he had taught to Freshmen, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Seeing the novel through adult eyes, alumni brought new perspective to their discussion. As first year Upper Schoolers, the alumni had not thought about mortality. Now as mature adults, everyone agreed the novel was better the second time around.

The themes of friendship and parenting loomed large in the discussion. Mary Shelley wrote her novel in the 19th century when she was less than twenty years old, the same age as Victor, the creature’s creator. Victor, an isolated scientist with no friends or compassion, wanted to create life but did not weigh his intentions against unexpected consequences. The dualism of mind and body, the soul vs. energy, natural vs. unnatural were explored. From there the discussion ran from artificial intelligence to big pharma and Ukraine.

Rob Naiman ’77 reflected a sentiment felt by all, “Last night brought me back to a time in my life I remember fondly. Paul was, and is, a great inspiration to me. It was Paul who taught me to enjoy literature, to consider other points of view, and go deeper in all areas of my life.”