Committed Division I athletes, From Left: Riley Leversedge, Anna Colpack, Anna Jordaan

Athletes and Their Fans Celebrate Division I Commitments

Proud family members, friends, faculty, and staff—plus an awed group of Lower Schoolers on their way to P.E.—looked on as three Colorado Academy Senior athletes signed commitments to compete for Division I schools in fall 2023. The November 9, 2022, ceremony, held almost annually in CA’s Main Gym, this year celebrated Anna Colpack, who will play lacrosse at Stanford University; Anna Jordaan, committed to playing tennis for the United States Naval Academy; and Riley Leversedge, destined to compete in lacrosse at Marquette University.

Head of School Dr. Mike Davis congratulates the family of Anna Jordaan.

“It is a great privilege today to watch some dreams come true,” said Head of School Dr. Mike Davis. “These are three standout Mustangs who get to go on and compete in their favorite sports while attending college. As students, you’ve learned to balance your athletics with the incredible academic program here at CA, while participating as leaders in various ways. We can’t wait to see what you do at the amazing institutions you’ve chosen to attend.”

Indeed, Athletic Director Bill Hall praised all three of the Seniors not only for their dedication to their sport, but also for their engagement with the CA community and their embodiment of CA’s mission.

Athletic Director Bill Hall salutes the athletes.

“One of our more decorated athletes,” Hall said of Colpack, “Anna has brought so much excitement to both our Lacrosse and Field Hockey programs. She was integral in bringing home another State Championship for Coach Scott’s Varsity Field Hockey squad. At the same time, Anna is involved with Alzheimer’s patients as part of her service commitment, and is a portfolio art student here at CA. She leads by example, and her dedication is infectious.”

In recognizing Jordaan, Hall noted that the tennis player is not the first of her siblings to make an impact on the CA athletic program. “We are lucky to have had some great Jordaans over the years. Anna’s tennis accomplishments have been numerous, both nationally and in Colorado. After winning the state title her Sophomore year, she will be back with a vengeance this spring to lead the way for the Mustangs under Coach Ulrich.” 

Hall added that Jordaan also volunteers with CA’s HOPE, and is passionate about computer science and ceramics.

Leversedge, Hall said, has made a huge impact on the CA community in just a few years. Arriving in Tenth Grade, he noted, she has been “a true star for Coach Scott’s Field Hockey team, dominating at the midfield position with her characteristic speed. In addition to the recent State Field Hockey Championship, Leversedge also has two Lacrosse state titles under her belt. Between her two sports, Riley finds time to pursue her interest in baking, as well as volunteering at the Better Life animal shelter.”

The three athletes also shared their thoughts at the special occasion.

Said Colpack of her CA athletic experience, “The community here is very encouraging, not only of athletes, but also of women in general, and the support from coaches, friends, and teachers—everyone at CA—pushes you to go forward and strive for great things.”

Jordaan said, “Being at CA since Kindergarten, I’ve made some of my closest friends here, and I’ve met such incredible people—my teachers and fellow students. I feel really well prepared academically, athletically, and socially to take on the next chapter of my life, and I definitely have CA to thank for that.”

“When I first came to CA in Tenth Grade,” acknowledged Leversedge, “I found a much more rigorous athletic program than I had experienced at my old school. Having to push myself to rise to my teammates’ level definitely put me where I am now.”

Beaming as their Twelfth Graders received congratulations from friends, teachers, and coaches, the athletes’ parents expressed pride and gratitude.

Mike Colpack explained, “Our son was also a CA Lacrosse player who went on to compete at the collegiate level, and for both of our children, it’s been a great experience. The support has been exceptional, and the girls athletics programs have just been incredibly strong here.”

“The athletics experience at CA has been wonderful,” said Hendrik Jordaan, “always caring and supportive. CA has prepared Anna incredibly well for the next stage of her life. My other children play collegiate sports, and they’ve all reported how CA did an amazing job preparing them for the next phase.”

According to Fraser Leversedge, “We moved here with Riley in her Sophomore year in 2020, and the athletic program really supported her integration into the school—particularly because students were in hybrid learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Added Kim Leversedge, “I don’t think Riley would have survived the transition to CA without the athletic program. Field Hockey and Lacrosse were her only outlet for anything outside of her basement. It allowed her to become even more of an athlete. Riley chose CA specifically for the athletic program, and Bill Hall was instrumental in that. This experience has been a delight.”