Alumni on Campus Homecoming Weekend

Colorado Academy Reunions in September? Yes, that is exactly what happened. Following postponed reunions in May, the Classes of 1961, 1970 (twice delayed), and 1971 decided to meet over Homecoming weekend instead of waiting for Giant Relay Day 2022.

Friday, September 17 saw alumni gathering for lunch in the Alumni Conference Room, after first securing a tray and making their way through the food service line and salad bar. They noted that there have been considerable upgrades in the lunch options from the time of Chef Harry McGinnis. Following the meal, CA’s talented Advancement Officer Gravely Wilson gave an extensive campus tour. She commented that each time she gives a tour to alumni, she learns something new about CA history, the campus, and the antics of former students.

Alumni tour the Athletic Center.

Then it was on to the All-School Homecoming Pep Rally held on the newly turfed baseball field. C-Club (Spirit) Team Seniors organized and ran the assembly with all three divisions and “Gus,” CA’s Mustang mascot. Lower School children enthusiastically waved pom-poms and noise makers, to the delight of alumni. CA’s teams were properly fired up to win their contests on Saturday. Alumnus Kent Drummond ’61 said, “The additions/upgrades to the campus since we were there for Chuck Froelicher’s memorial services are amazing. Mike Davis has done, and continues to do, an incredible job. To stand out on the grounds (at the Pep Rally) and watch 1,000 very excited kids racing around, and in their classes, was mind blowing for me.”

Alumni at CA’s Pep Rally, From Left: Cito Fredrickson ’61, Taun Nimmo ’71, Jeff Lowdermilk ’70

In the evening, alumni met on the Maloy Courtyard, the east patio of the Welborn House (formerly the Headmaster’s House) for a reception.

From Left: Mike Davis, Kent Drummond ’61, Cito Fredrickson ’61, Larry Deffenbaugh ’71, Jeff Lowdermilk ’70, Rod Lawrence ’71, Bill Nieman ’71 (front), Vince O’Brien ’71, Tim Moore ’71, Taun Nimmo ’70, Kit Saltsman ’71, Tom Fitzgerald, Bruce Bistline ’69, David Mueller ’70, David Fitzgerald ’84, David Malo ’71, Maggie Fitzgerald

Alumni from several classes joined a party to celebrate the return of “Icarus” to the library. Also of interest to alumni was the bronze sculpture of Griggs Dayton, former Upper School teacher. The bust is located in the Raether Library and was commissioned by Jeff Lowdermilk ’70.

Icarus returns to the library. 1969 alumni, From Left: Don Dodge, Bruce Bistline, Charles Cavness

On Saturday, alumni enjoyed CA’s traditional BBQ lunch served on Homecoming and Giant Relay Days. The campus is now equipped with numerous Adirondack chairs for outdoor dining, and alumni took advantage of them. As one o’clock drew near, additional alumni arrived on campus to honor F. Charles Froelicher at the Upper School naming ceremony. Dr. Mike Davis led the observance and reflected on Chuck’s many accomplishments, including transforming the Colorado Military Academy into a boys boarding school and further, to a coed college prep day school. Chuck’s children, Franz ’72 and Rica ’76, his nephew Peter and wife Linda, and former teacher and Lower School Principal Dr. Tom Fitzgerald also attended. Of course, there were many “Chuck stories” informally recounted by alumni after the formal ceremony. If you have a “Chuck story” to share, please send it to: Alumni Director Sue Burleigh at