Top Row (L to R): Senior Dean Gabe Bernstein, Junior Dean Steve Hammer, Murphy Robinson ’06. Second Row: Hannah Williams ’11, Nat Robinson ’99, Trier Bryant ’02

Finding Your Path – Alumni Career Panel

Finding Your Path: Alumni Career Panel

Senior Launch Week looked very different this year. Instead of a Denver Zoo outing, Seniors and their Kindergarten Buddies explored the San Diego Zoo and Monterey Bay Aquarium in virtual Zoom outings. Some in-person social gathering cancellations were necessary, but many events were capably switched to virtual venues. Thanks to Zoom, the Alumni Career Panel, “Finding Your Path,” took place as scheduled. The unseen benefit of hosting the event online, versus on campus, was that alumni who live out of state were able to participate.

This year, four alumni professionals shared their stories of college and career, Trier Bryant ’02, Murphy Robinson ’06, Nat Robinson ’99, and Hannah Williams ’11. Some left CA with very specific plans—college, graduate school, and/or jobs in a chosen field. For others, their paths took many unexpected turns, with career changes along the way. All the alumni offered advice on life after Colorado Academy from the wisdom of hindsight. Despite the diverse paths taken, success and fulfillment came to each speaker.

Here is a sample of their advice:

  • Don’t be afraid to move across the country for a new opportunity.
  • Explore the world with programs such as Semester at Sea.
  • Take chances, go exploring, and never stop learning.
  • Join clubs and meet people.
  • Challenge your university or workplace to become better and to create a positive culture.
  • Don’t be discouraged; there are always jobs available to those who seek.
  • Build your professional relationships, find a mentor, and use Twitter to network.
  • Always bring your best by helping others in a collaborative way.

Learn more about each panelist: Trier Bryant ’02, Murphy Robinson ’06, Nat Robinson ’99, Hannah Williams ’10.