Alumni Back to School Night 2020

The Colorado Academy Alumni Association’s Mission Statement says that one goal is to provide alumni with significant opportunities for intellectual and social enrichment. That’s what Alumni Back-to-School Night is all about!

From Beer Tasting to Bouldering, and Gut Health to Punishment & Justice with “Mr. T,” alumni and alumni parents came back to school, learned a lot, and had a fun and interesting evening.

“It was great fun reconnecting with CA friends. We didn’t expect to run into so many we knew. Both our “classes,” wine tasting and charcuterie, were actually very interesting!” said one participant.

The evening of February 20 started with dinner, drinks, and conversation in the Upper School Lobby. It was the perfect opportunity to catch up with people you hadn’t seen, perhaps in years. Guests then went to their first class, some heading to the Smith Center, Schotters Music Center, Athletic Center, and kitchen, while others met their teachers in Upper School classrooms.

A 30-minute break between classes gave everyone the chance to meet again for more food, dessert, and time to compare notes about what they’d learned during the past hour or to show off their flower arrangements. Then on to the second class.

Thank you to the Back-to-School Night “teachers” who shared their knowledge and expertise for the event this year:

Ben Hock ’07, Beer Tasting; Chef and CA parent Nelson Perkins, Charcuterie; Digital Video Instructor Gwylym Cano, Chinese Tea Tasting; Jenni Hohensee Skeen ’07, Floral Arranging; Georgia Grey ’08, Intuitive Eating & Gut Health; History Teacher Luis Terrazas, Punishment & Justice; Spanish Teacher and Freshman Dean Meg Hill, Latin Dance;  Music Composition Teacher Brian Golden, Composing Music; Third Grade Teacher Jay Leeuwenburg, Origami; CA Climbing Coaches Michael Alessi & Dylan Garey, Bouldering; Former Science faculty member Dr. Charles Coleman & CA alumni parent Bill Elder, Scotch Tasting; and Kyle Schlacter, Wine Tasting.