Alum Returns for Guest Lectures


CA alumnus Adrian Michael Green ’05 spent two days teaching on the CA campus in September. Diversity Affairs Coordinator at the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado-Boulder and author of a new book on poetry, Green says he can identify transformative experiences that have shaped his life; from hearing the likes of African-American poet Sonia Sanchez at his father’s Brother Jeff Cultural Center in Five Points as a boy to attending a school like CA where the “liberal arts education here set the foundation and tone for where I am today.” He had some sage advice for students; speaking as an author and a diversity advisor, he says, “Don’t sell yourself short – everyone has a unique story to tell.”  Speaking as a former Teach for America second grade teacher, he says, “Teaching is something everyone must do at some point in their lives in order to appreciate what teachers do,” and as a member of the digital generation and cell phone user, he chides students,  “Look up. If you’re always looking down, you miss so much of life.”

“Don’t sell yourself short – everyone has a unique story to tell.”