CA alumnus Adrian Michael Green ’05 spent two days teaching on the CA campus in September. Diversity Affairs Coordinator at the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado-Boulder and author of a new book on poetry, Green says he can identify transformative experiences that have shaped his life; from hearing the likes of African-American poet Sonia Sanchez at his father’s Brother Jeff Cultural Center in Five Points as a boy to attending a school like CA where the “liberal arts education here set the foundation and tone for where I am today.” He had some sage advice for students; speaking as an author and a diversity advisor, he says, “Don’t sell yourself short – everyone has a unique story to tell.”  Speaking as a former Teach for America second grade teacher, he says, “Teaching is something everyone must do at some point in their lives in order to appreciate what teachers do,” and as a member of the digital generation and cell phone user, he chides students,  “Look up. If you’re always looking down, you miss so much of life.”

“Don’t sell yourself short – everyone has a unique story to tell.”