Alex Foreman (background, left) arrives at the Naval Academy with a backpack and lacrosse stick.

Alex Foreman ’20 USNA: A walk-on to root for

College at a service academy like the Naval Academy, West Point, or the Air Force Academy is different from going to a large state school or a small liberal arts school. The social, academic, and general routine at all of these schools is not for the faint of heart. You might have regular two-mile runs in the morning while carrying a 40-pound pack, or you could have company drills and exercise that could include hundreds of push-ups and sit-ups. Trying out for a top 10 Division I athletic team at any university is a challenge, but doing it while also going through a service academy regime is only for a hardy few.

Alex Foreman, who graduated from Colorado Academy in 2020 and is now at the Naval Academy, is as focused and determined an individual as any that I have met during my time at CA. She is also kind, supportive, and genuine, making her a tremendous role model for her peers. Alex was key to Colorado Academy’s State Field Hockey Championship in the fall of 2019. On certain breakaways by the opponents’ speedy offensive players during the championship game, it was oftentimes Foreman who extinguished the threat. Her speed, tenacity, and never-give-up attitude helped secure the golden trophy for the Field Hockey Team.

Foreman was also a solid contributor for Coach Laura Sandbloom’s CA State Championship Lacrosse Team, again on the defensive end. Coach Sandbloom had Alex slotted in as a starter during Alex’s Senior year.

“Alex approaches lacrosse like a craft to be cultivated, and she is eager to learn and grow as a player,” Sandbloom says. “This makes her the ideal Division I athlete, as she is never quite satisfied and always eager to improve her skills.”

In spring 2020, COVID-19 had other plans for all of us, and the 2020 spring season was shut down in mid-March. We were all left wondering about the success the CA Girls Lacrosse Team and all of our other strong teams would have achieved in that season.

‘She brings amazing energy’

Fast forward to June of 2020. As the global pandemic raged, Foreman, still undaunted, set off to the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis for her Plebe Summer. With only a backpack and a lacrosse stick in hand, Foreman strode into her college career. She decided to speak with Navy Women’s Lacrosse Coach and Hall-of-Famer, Cyndy Timchal.

Timchal allowed Foreman, an unrecruited walk-on, to try out for the team this past fall. Navy Assistant Coach Megan Taylor had this to say about Foreman: “Alex is such a fun player to coach. One of the very first things that caught our eyes was her speed. She is able to get off of the line like a rocket. In this short amount of time, she has grown so much as a lacrosse player—it is so awesome to see! She brings amazing energy every day and continues to motivate and push her teammates around her. We could not be more thrilled that Alex chose to take the leap of faith and try out for our Navy Women’s Lacrosse Program.”

The Colorado Academy Department of Athletics is proud of all of our students and student-athletes. It takes a special type of athlete to be able to compete at the collegiate level. Talent becomes condensed, athleticism becomes magnified, and mental toughness becomes paramount. We should all be proud of Alex and celebrate her achievements. Go get ’em, Alex! We are all rooting for you!