Principal Bill Wolf-Tinsman addresses the Eighth Grade class as their families listen from the audience.

A memorable Middle School Continuation

Colorado Academy’s Eighth Graders, the Class of 2025, will remember their Middle School Continuation ceremony for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that their families truly filled every square inch of the Field House—maintaining social distance in six-seat family pods, as CA reinstated live events after a year of pandemic restrictions.

Watch a recording of the livestreamed Continuation. (Please note that the recording starts at 2:08.)

View and download Eighth Grade Continuation portraits.

Middle School Principal Bill Wolf-Tinsman pointed out that the single Continuation, with all students in the Eighth Grade, was the result of students’ determination to have an event where they could all be together.

Head of School Dr. Mike Davis thanked parents, saying that sending their children to CA was an “investment in the future.”

“I feel optimistic about the future,” Davis said. “I am optimistic because of you. You are a generation with a fresh perspective. As you move into high school, try to live the CA mission in your life. It’s a simple one, yet also demanding. It’s about being curious. It means being kind. It means being courageous. This means standing up for what is right. And it involves a little bit of adventure. Take some chances and intellectual risks. You are the driver of your own destiny, so put the pedal to the metal, and take on life with a sense of purpose.”

In his remarks, Middle School Principal Bill Wolf-Tinsman also offered graduates three messages:

  • During challenging times, you can only control your response.
  • Always remember that life is much bigger than just the classroom.
  • Character is all.

“Crises will come and go,” Wolf-Tinsman said. “But character, integrity, and the human spirit will be what matters. What are you like when no one is watching? That is the most important thing to me, and I hope it is just as important to you.”

Student speaker Jack Ege announced that the class gift to CA would be a new net sports set for students to use in the Middle School courtyard during break. And his message summed up a year that was often challenging.

“This year, we have watched our teachers overcome incredible barriers,” Ege said. “Your determination and commitment to your profession is incredible to watch. Thank you. And to parents—parenting a Middle Schooler is always difficult, but it’s hard to imagine the patience and temperament that was required this year. For every day spent working from home while caring for us, thank you.”

All 76 Eighth Graders were honored with individual tributes, written by their teachers.

And each received a congratulatory fist-bump.

With a sense of pride, the Eighth Grade class almost danced their way out of the Field House.

As the rain began, the students celebrated with selfies and sugar cookies, knowing that next year, they will begin the final phase of their CA career in the Upper School.

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