From Left: Caroline Cramer '11, Elsa Woolley Harberg '11, Collinus Newsome, Megan Young '97, Liz Robinson '01, Aimée Nieuwenhuizen '06, Andrew Bourke '04, Abel Ramirez '16

A Conversation on Culture and Community

What makes a strong, cohesive school a community? What does it take for a school to achieve a culture of belonging? How can I contribute to that goal?

These were all questions discussed on an April evening at CA’s REDI Lab, located in the Mariposa neighborhood of Denver. The thoughtful conversation with CA Alumni Board members and local alumni was led by CA’s Director of Culture and Community, Collinus Newsome.

To quote her from a recent CA news story, “The term ‘inclusivity’ can be limiting in so many ways because it assumes that everyone in the community feels included. To be sure, that is the goal of any school, but the term doesn’t capture the complexities of that work. The new name, Office of Culture and Community, deepens our cultural humility in ways that challenge how we define who we are and where we want to be. It’s ever evolving, and that makes it nimble, and in some cases, fearless.

“Throughout the rest of the year, I will write about the values articulated in the mission and vision of our strategic plan. I may also add some additional values we may want to consider. I will also update you all on where we are as it relates to the development of the framework—essentially our work plan. I value transparency and honesty, so I will always write from that place.”

The Alumni Association wants to thank Collinus for sharing her evening with alumni. Look for more conversations on CA’s Culture and Community in the future.