A Busy Weekend for CA Students in Scotland

This weekend in Scotland we did everything from taking a trip to Hawaii (via a Hawaiian-themed birthday party) to sipping afternoon tea at the Dome in Edinburgh. The weather has been sunny, rare for Scotland, although it is still cold. The girls had a lazy Sunday morning then headed into Edinburgh for afternoon tea, while the boys headed to the fields to play some football.

On Saturday the girls spent the day getting ready for the birthday party. The boys spent the day differently because for them getting ready consisted of getting dressed, so they went out to watch some rugby at a local restaurant.

On Sunday the girls yet again got to see the lush green landscape of Scotland when heading into Edinburgh. Getting to sleep in was a blessing after the long but amazing night before. We did some shopping then headed to the Dome for some “posh” afternoon tea. After indulging in one-too-many scones we headed back into Glasgow and off to our respective homes.

Everyone is getting along great with their host families and really getting the hang of things here. The Scottish slang is becoming a necessary part of our vocabulary. I have found myself very excited for the school day! The energy and character the school has blows me away every time I walk into the place. We have another busy week ahead of us, and it is unreal that our first week has gone by so quickly, but time flies when you are having fun!