2023 Parent Appreciation Breakfast

Colorado Academy parents and family members gathered in the Campus Center on May 11, 2023, for the annual Parent Appreciation Breakfast. This is the moment each spring when the CA Parent Association thanks volunteers, salutes families whose last child is graduating, and officially announces the coming school year’s PA President.

Outgoing President Jen Wolkon spoke first at the event, introducing Head of School Dr. Mike Davis and noting that her family and Davis’s came to CA at the same time, 15 years ago. “Even though Dr. Davis was new to the school like we were, he made us feel welcome and excited to be a part of this community.”

When Davis took the stage, he offered Wolkon a well-deserved shoutout. “Jen has done a great job this year, coming in after COVID as we’re getting back to ‘normal.’ I’ve really appreciated her dedication, her support, her level-headedness, and her ability to problem-solve together.”

Davis thanked the entire CA parent community, saying, “I am so grateful for the dedication of all of our families—through the recent CA Auction and Arts Festival, in classrooms, and in welcoming our new families. People just dig in all around the school, and that defines us as a community.”

Davis reminded attendees that in just a few weeks, they’d be together again celebrating 104 graduating Seniors, and Wolkon added her congratulations to the more than 60 families whose last child is graduating CA:

Oscar & Rachel Aguirre, Bob & Lina Andrus, Gwen Austin Seiler & Sam Seiler, Amanda Barry, Doug Beck, Allan & Laurie Brants, Scott & Sara Carpenter, Jim & Jennifer Collins, Mike & Diane Colpack, Cami Cooper & Leonid Yuffa, Brandon Cope & Timeri Tolnay, Roger & Akiko Corn, Taye Degefa & Liya Tesfaye, Joey & Kristy DelZotto, John & Amy Dillon, Jim Doolittle, Karin Doolittle, Chris & Stacia Freimuth, Lorenzo Garcia Casas & Maria Ramirez, George & Laura Lee Gastis, Tony Giordano & Melissa Hubbard Giordano, Jeff Goldstein & Kris Fraser, Joe & Patty Henry, Matthew & Stacey Hicks, Oakes & Cynthia Hunnewell, Brandon & Wendy Johnson, Ben Jones & Pam Zachar, Greg & Lisen Kintzele, Leslie & Dag Kittlaus, Brad & Alisa Knepper, Peter Koclanes & Jeanne Coleman, Bill & Gretchen Kurtz, Mark & Kate LeClair, Fraser & Kim Leversedge, Dave & Geraldine Link, Jim MacDougall & Kerry Marr, Chandra Marx, David Marx, Brian McPeek, Jennifer McPeek, Paul & Amy McPheeters, Kristine Miller, Amy Millisor, Josie Mills, Stuart Mills, Patrick O’Neal & Carrie Davis, Mark & Alana Paton, Ed Pulido & Jenni Burns Pulido, Michael & Janie Ramseier, James Reeman, Stephanie Reeman, Matt & JJ Rutherford, Scott & Tricia Schmid, Andrea Schumacher, Jesse Schumacher, Jeff Smith, Craig Sovka & Katie Evashevski, Mike & Heather Spruell, Alem Tedla & Tsega Wolderufael, Jeff & Marte Timmers, Scott & Stephanie Troyer, Azhi & Suja Vendhan, Lance Wells & Tara Cavanaugh,  Caris Whitley, Tim Worrall & Tamara Golden, and JoAnn Zell.

“Parents are the support system of CA,” Wolkon noted. “The PA would not be so successful without our wonderful volunteers. I’ve loved working with this dedicated group this year. Thank you for sharing your talents, your skills, and your time. You are all part of the web that connects us, helps us grow, and makes us the strong parent community that we are.”

Wolkon then introduced incoming PA President Vanessa Homuth, mother of Fourth Grader Katherine and First Grader Andrew. “Vanessa is a smart, accountable, organized leader and entrepreneur. She’s a problem solver, she’s committed to the PA, and she isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in.”

“Vanessa is part of an amazing PA lineup for next year which also includes new members of the Executive Committee and Committee Chairs,” Wolkon continued. “These volunteers spend hours of their time problem solving, organizing, supporting, and listening. Thank you all for saying ‘yes’ to CA.”