2022-2023 CA Upper School Global Travel Opportunities

Join CA on trips to Mexico, Vancouver, Colombia, Bahamas, and Iceland


At Colorado Academy, we nurture dynamic thinkers and active citizens of the world through a curriculum that develops intellectual aptitude and character. Part of that curriculum includes experiences designed to offer students extended study outside the classroom and out of the country. These programs are strictly optional. Some are more academic and exploratory; others are more service-oriented. Each is designed to be a memorable and educational experience. There are a number of challenging and exciting programs in Upper School. No matter the destination, CA’s Global Travel program provides a wide range of opportunities for enhanced learning.

CA faculty members lead our trips, and some trips include arrangements by a trusted professional travel vendor. We are committed to helping students gain invaluable experience as part of a secure and safe travel experience. At CA, safety is our primary concern. Trips may be postponed or canceled due to weather, staffing, political unrest, pandemics, travel restrictions or advisories, or any other conditions that would compromise student safety.

Want to enroll?

If you have questions, please contact Taja McKinney or the teacher sponsoring the program directly. Spaces are limited.

The application window for Upper School Global Travel is open from November 1-15, 2022. All applications are due by November 15 for consideration. Apply now.

Note some trips have language requirements.

You may apply to multiple programs, but you will likely only go on ONE trip.

Questions? Reach out to the trip leader or contact Taja McKinney, CA Director of Global Travel.

Have questions about financial aid?

Limited financial aid for travel programs is available for students currently receiving tuition assistance. We may not be able to cover fees for all who apply, yet we are committed to providing as many students as possible with the opportunity to participate. If you are currently receiving financial aid and are interested in a program, please contact Enrollment & Financial Aid Manager, Lisa Dean. All applications for financial aid are kept confidential, and the Travel and Exchange Program Financial Aid Committee makes all final decisions. Apply for Financial Aid.

Authentic Mexico Adventure

Service Adventure

Trip details:

Students will immerse themselves in the true fabric of Mexico, including art, food, culture,
language, and history. This experience includes exploring Mexico City’s vibrant art scene, rural
homestays, adventure travel, and meaningful service projects guided by community partners.

Mexico’s perfect white sand beaches, rugged canyons, tropical jungles, and arid plains are inhabited by some of the world’s nicest people, all of whom enjoy some of the world’s best food. The same is true for Mexico’s megacities, colonial hamlets, and dusty outposts. Our neighbor to the south truly has it all, yet few visitors experience the real Mexico. Our programs will show travelers the true fabric of Mexico, from small food stalls of Mexico City to pre-Columbian Zapotec ruins, as we travel between Mexico City, Puebla, and beyond.

Chinese Immersion in Vancouver

Language Immersion

Trip details:

This trip gives students a fantastic opportunity to explore the multicultural Asian environment of
Vancouver. With almost 30% of its population as ethnic Chinese, the city and its surrounding
suburbs are rife with historic sites and distinct neighborhoods that reflect a rich heritage.
Students will practice language skills in many fun activities like Mahjong workshop,
dumpling/dim sum making, calligraphy, and Chinese art.

Colombia Adventure

Service Learning and language immersion

Trip details:

Students will have the opportunity to explore the historic center of Medellin and complete homestays and service projects in the remote and picturesque village of Jardin de Antioquia. The group will immerse themselves in the rich culture and history of Colombia and gain a valuable understanding of the conflict resolution and peace process that has transformed Colombia in recent years from civil war into a vibrant and welcoming country. 

The Island School, Eleuthera, Bahamas

Marine biology, field research

Trip details:

This experience offers students the ability to step outside their comfort zone to focus on experiential learning and field and ocean research at one of the top facilities in the Caribbean. Students will build on science coursework in environmental chemistry and climate change, as they explore topics such as ocean acidification and renewable energy. This transformative experience encourages students to take a leadership role, enabling them to make meaningful changes in their own communities.   

Iceland Expedition

Photography and climate science

Trip details:

Calling all Intrepid Photographers and Scientists who have a thirst for adventure. Let us explore the amazing nation, Iceland, and investigate how we could be leading a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Our trip takes you to the most spectacular and otherworldly landscapes in a nation that prides itself on zero use of fossil fuels and single-use plastics. Whether it be enormous glacier lagoons where icebergs float and flow out with the tide to the shores of the black sand beach. Where we may also see seals, puffins, and the gentle giants of the sea, whales.

This trip will be unforgettable and one in which you will return with a newfound appreciation of the world and how we can work towards creating such sustainability and conservation here in Denver.