Zero the Hero visits CA's Kindergarten classrooms.

CA Lower School celebrates being 100 days smarter

Decked out in hats, shirts, wigs, canes, and huge smiles, CA Lower School students and teachers celebrated being 100 days older, smarter, stronger, and sillier since the beginning of the school year. The 100th Day of School milestone provided a moment to take stock of all that has happened this year and to recognize the amazing growth that has taken place.

One of the treasured CA traditions around the 100th Day is a special visit from Zero the Hero to Kindergarten classes. Zero answers questions from students and counts with them, using as many numbers with zero—his favorite number—as possible.

By incorporating arithmetic and artistic activities, students demonstrated many different fun ways to get to 100. Not surprisingly, the activities that included snacks and candy were the favorites!

On the 100th minute of the school day, Ms. Crabtree, aka 100-year-old-man, delivered even more delicious treats to each classroom!

Enjoy these images of the 100th Day of School below, and view and download the full gallery.

Zero the Hero visits CA's Kindergarten classrooms.
A visit from Zero the Hero is a 100th day tradition in Kindergarten classrooms.