Henry Chesley-Vogels receives a round of Zoom applause for receiving the Señora Hill Enthusiasm Award.

2021 Upper School Awards

In 2021, the tradition of the Upper School Awards Ceremony took place remotely. You can watch the entire event on Zoom.

Every year, Colorado Academy faculty spend a great deal of time deliberating about who should receive the Upper School Awards, which were announced on June 1, 2021. These awards recognize the most outstanding achievements of CA Upper School students in academics, arts, athletics, and leadership.

Dr. Jon Vogels

There is always an element of surprise to this event, but the final surprise of the night came to the host, Upper School Principal Jon Vogels. The Parent Association presented him with a “Memory Book” to mark his 18 years as Upper School Principal.

Dr. Mike Davis

In honoring Dr. Vogels’ service to CA and the Upper School, Head of School Dr. Mike Davis put it simply: “He always knows that the right thing to do is to do right by our students.”

The 90-minute awards ceremony included heartfelt presentations from teachers to these students:

Jennifer Wu Memorial Fellowship Awards: Wyatt Rubey, Baillie Weil

Señora Hill Enthusiasm Award: Morgan Taylor (Chinese), Lewie Sharp (French), Henry Chesley-Vogels (Spanish)

Fernando Prieto Lin received the Griggs Dayton Excellence Award.

Griggs Dayton Excellence Award: Fernando Prieto Lin (Chinese), Rebecca Kerr (French), Peter Carpenter (Spanish)

Excellence in English: Jordan Davidson

Excellence In Writing: Charlotte Smith

Joradan Davidson received the Excellence in English Award.

Curiosity in English: Evelyn Needham

Theater Acting Award: Czarina Yuffa

Emmett Schlager received the Technical Theater Award.

Technical Theater Award: Ry Barthels, Emmett Schlager

Carl and David Kumpe Instrumental Award: Jack Kuelling, Zoe Fierer

Dance Award: Renna Allan

Kiah May received the Cindy Jordan Award

Cindy Jordan Award: Kiah May, Colby Lish

Studio Art Award: Brooke Taylor

Brooke Taylor received the Studio Art Award.

Ceramics Award: Mackenzie Wagner

Photography Award: Sofie Rossman

Sofie Rossman received the Photography Award.

Digital Video Award: Liam O’Donnell

Social Studies Award for Academic Excellence: Lewie Sharp

Pat Hogan Award: Colby Lish, Sam Ehrman

Mackenzie Wagner received the Ceramics Award and the Senior Science Award.

Senior Science Award: Mackenzie Wagner, Spencer Harvey

Richard Kelly Award: Zoe Worrall

Math Achievement Award: Peter Carpenter, Henry Chesley-Vogels

Levi Pinkert received the Computer Science Award.

Computer Science Award: Levi Pinkert

American Computer Science League Award: J. T. Timmers

Simms Alumni Award: Grady Behrhorst, Rebecca Kerr, Maya Rutherford

Charlie Westfall received the Senior Athlete of the Year Award.

Senior Athlete of the Year: Charlie Westfall, Ella Freimuth, Julia Hall

Katharine Merrifield received the Zach Hills Award.

Zach Hills Award: Katharine Merrifield

Ryan Gaghen received the Chris Babbs Leadership Award.

Chris Babbs Leadership Award: Ryan Gaghen, Ulisses Rico-Moncada