2020 Upper School Awards

While much of Spring was disrupted for the Class of 2020, the tradition of the Upper School Awards Ceremony continued remotely. You can watch the entire live event on Zoom.

Every year, Colorado Academy faculty spend a great deal of time deliberating about who should receive the Upper School Awards, which were announced on May 28, 2020. These awards recognize the most outstanding achievements of CA students in academics, arts, athletics, and leadership.

Jennifer Wu Memorial Fellowship Award: Zoe Fierer

Peggycita Award: Anna Fucarino, Genevieve Howard, Bailey Walker

Griggs Dayton World Language Award: Charlotte Smith, Olivia Martinez, Alex Kaleugher

Jasmine Bilir, recipient of the Computer Science and Chris Babbs Leaderships Awards

Global Citizen Award: Kenzie Abbott

Theater Acting Award: Cooper Kofron

Technical Theater Award: James Doolittle

Carl and David Kumpe Instrumental Award: Walt Jones, Caleb Aguirre

Dance Award: Natalie Gordon

Cindy Jordan Award: Caroline Burke-Dullinger

Studio Art Award: Olivia Martinez

Ceramics Award: Phoebe Cannon

Photography Award: Alexia Howard

Digital Video Award: Cam Smooke

Avery Lin, recipient of the Chris Babbs Leadership Award

Social Studies Award for Academic Excellence: Andersen Dodge

Pat Hogan Award: Holden Ryu

Senior Science Award: Haley Russell

Underclassman Science Award: Zoe Worrall

Richard Kelly Award: Cooper Kofron

Math Department Award: Jack Garnsey

Computer Science Award and ACSL Award: Jasmine Bilir

NCWIT Awards: Jordan Davidson, Jasmine Bilir, Zoe Worrall,  Evelyn Needham, Catherine O’Halloran, Juliet Cramer, Morgan Taylor, Grace Fusilier

Simms Alumni Award: Grace Fuselier, Paul Chandler

Excellence in English: Camille Doherty

Genevieve and Alexia Howard, recipients of the Peggycita Award and Photography Award

Excellence in Writing in English: Aidan Klingbeil

Curiosity and Enthusiasm in English: Lulu Geller

Senior Athletes of the Year: Ella Marks, Nate Kay

Zach Hills Award: Merrill Rollhaus, Liam Hall

Chris Babbs Leadership Award: Avery Lin, Jasmine Bilir