2019 Fifth Grade Continuation

The Colorado Academy Lower School Fifth Grade class celebrated its official Continuation to Middle School on June 3, 2019. Head of School Dr. Mike Davis congratulated this “amazing class,” and Fifth Grade teachers Buck McKenna, Jessica Ohly, and Sara Wachtel spoke about each individual student, recognizing the unique gifts and talents all students contributed to the class during the past year.

Directed by Lower School Music Teachers Nora Golden and Brenda Bartel, Fifth Grade students performed “We Won’t Stop Dreaming” and “High Hopes.”

In her speech, Interim Lower School Principal Allison Jenson talked about how the students’ lives are like stories.

“Every story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Fifth graders, today marks the conclusion of your beginning and turns the page to the middle of your story. And what a beginning it’s been!

“In any story, the best and most memorable characters are the ones who make their marks because they face challenges head on, learn from their mistakes, and are kind. You are leaving a lasting impression on our Lower School because you are those characters.

Quoting some of the students’ favorite authors, Jensen concluded, “As you look back at your story’s beginning and look ahead to the next chapters where the plot thickens, I give you this advice from these children’s authors: convene your courage, see with your heart, never get tired of trying, and find your way. Go forth!”

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