1994 25th Class Reunion

Colorado Academy’s Class of 1994 began their 25th Reunion on campus for Giant Relay Day. While some alumni came for the BBQ lunch and to watch the Giant Relay Race, just about everyone showed up for the Alumni-Faculty Party in the late afternoon. This year, the focus of the party was a farewell to Choral Director Cindy Jordan, who was retiring after 43 years at CA! No doubt that event contributed to the high numbers of alumni in appearance. After grabbing food and drinks, alumni choir members surprised Cindy with a serenade. It was a familiar song to many, the “Rhythm of Life,” and of course, sheet music was available for all. Cindy appreciated the time to talk individually with her former students. Many other faculty members were there as well, and their former students enjoyed reminiscing of school days so long ago!

A 1994 Reunion Class Dinner followed at the Welborn House and on the Lawn where alumni were able to have deeper and longer conversations while enjoying a catered dinner. Old pranks, parties, and sporting events were remembered, and 25 years of catching up began.

On Saturday, May 25, families met near the playground on Ferril Lake in City Park for a pot luck picnic. The weather was perfect for croquet and corn hole, and some kids even got soaked in the park fountains.

Saturday evening saw some hearty ’94 alums meeting again at the Tavern in Platt Park to continue reminiscing. Steve and Krishna win the award for most reunion events attended!

With a class size of 39 and nine members “lost,” the Class of 1994 had a great reunion response! Thanks to all who came to one or more of our class gatherings: Leigh Bernstein Bertman and her family, Julia Völkel Emerson and her family, Colin Gumm and his wife, Norm Harris and his girlfriend, Lauri Keener and her family, Alli Burstein Kozloff, Jenny McClintock Mitchell, Stephen Morrow and his family, Krishna Satyan and his family, Abby Wadsworth Serfass and her husband, Duncan Sewall and his wife, Lodi Siefer and her family, Rob Stettner and his family, Dan Weiss and his wife, and Mauri Chotin Zemachson. Special thanks to those of you coming from out of town! It was great to reconnect!