1989 30th Class Reunion

By Tom Kimball

Colorado Academy‘s Class of 1989 had a big 30th Reunion celebration. The weekend’s festivities began with the always thrilling Giant Relay Race. With Colorado Academy’s vast network of alumni in places of influence within the sports and entertainment industries, it is this author’s hope our great trial of human endurance will one day be aired internationally. This year that did not happen. However, those who saw it live witnessed two impressive contributions by the class of ’89. Tall, slender, and fleet of foot, Brendan Harrington dashed convincingly in his section of the race, maintaining a strong position for the Alumni Team. Jim Flottman, bearing none of the aforementioned physical gifts, but possessing the heart of a lion, ran hard for his 1/3-mile leg, a distance most likely not attempted since soccer tryouts in the late ‘80s.

Giant Relay Day, From Left: Lisa Grout Cabot, Melissa Harken Wood, Carrie Robbins Packard, and Christy Polumbus

The mood shifted from kinesthetic to conversational, as alumni from all classes enjoyed a happy hour at the Welborn House. The afternoon’s highlight came when Cindy Jordan, our beloved Choir Director, was serenaded by a recent graduate and Broadway star and then ultimately by the entire audience, as we celebrated her retirement after 43 years of service to Colorado Academy.

Never a class to throw in the towel early, a number of us gathered at Tom and Nancy Kimball’s house, where a ping pong tournament eventually ensued. Athletic prowess was once again on display as 10 worthy alumni and their spouses battled for a coveted CA gift bag, generously arranged and donated by Alumni Director Extraordinaire, Sue Burleigh. A star was born as Tor Hillhouse ascended the ranks, ultimately overcoming a six-point deficit at match point in the championship game to be crowned champion. Tears of joy were shed, but with his being an accomplished actor, we’re not sure if those were real or affected.

Ping Pong Champion Tor Hillhouse

It was Saturday Night Live at John and Jenna Burstein’s house, as over 30 guests arrived for the weekend’s main event. Of that number, around 20 percent were individuals who at one point went to CA, but ended up leaving prior to graduation. It spoke to the influence of CA that they’d still want to participate and reconnect. Despite many people having not seen each other for 30+ years, there was this natural ease and good energy as the crowd bounced around from conversation to conversation, catching up with each other, meeting spouses, and sampling the fine tequilas John and Jenna had arranged for the evening. Take note classes of the ‘90s, if you want to have a rockin’ reunion and have people stay late into the night, a high-end tequila bar is a good bet.

As people started leaving around the 11 p.m.-1 a.m. zone, the proverbial “Let’s not wait so long to get together again!”was heard multiple times. Let’s hope this is the case, as it was terrific to relive some fun memories, but more importantly, engage in really interesting and thoughtful conversations. Bravo, Class of ’89! You rock!